Something To Build Upon, Inc.


Christina McCorkle

Exectutive Director

Christina McCorkle is the CEO and Founder of the innovative Before - After School program Something to Build Upon Incorporated,  Established June 2013, which is located in Chicago, Illinois.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts & Science/ Education degree at Chicago State University.  Her thirst for the empowerment that knowledge brings, and her desire for professional and personal growth has motivated her to accept the challenge of being a lifetime learner.  Christina has strengthened her administrative skills, refined her professional approaches, and refurbished her best self, by continuing to complete numerous courses across multiple disciplines in higher education institutions.

This savvy administrative professional has established partnerships with the Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Schools, United Schools of Survival, and the American Soccer Association.  Christina’s passion for empowering youth and introducing them to a variety of creative and dynamic resources inspired the birth of these partnerships.  She has created her own brand which inspires one to overcome obstacles, become empowered with knowledge, and to strive for the awesome benefits that come with living one’s best life. Christina’s love for the arts and music has enabled her to become the muse that inspires creativity in many children, youth, and adults who are touched by her energetic passions for the creative arts.


Tania Muhammad

Program Coordinator/Site Director

Tania is first a supportive wife and mother of five children. She has taught in the public and private sector for over 15 years. Tania is constantly seeking best practices and has acquired hundreds of Continuing Education hours. She is known by her many students as “The Math Nurse” because she uses her Math specialty to alleviate their apprehensions toward Math in particular. She most notably is known for her private tutoring abilities and communication skills.

She also uses fundamental teaching methods to teach and enhance literacy. She has positively affected the educational experience of many children and adults. She uses innovative technology to communicate with struggling learners. Tania also trains educators to be able to manage their classrooms better by recognizing the signs of a student who is having difficulty. She also travels to train businesses, churches, schools and families to effectively communicate and how to get things done (GTD).